When the whole nation accepts love between same-sex and validates their marriage, the KOKO movie takes the Human-Canine bonding to the next level. The first time it has featured a man and dog are going to tie the knot.


Is it for Love or Money or Something else?

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SAG-AFTRA Feature Film- "KOKO" is an extraordinary story of Randy, a young financial guru, who suffers a lifetime of heartaches only to discover that the one purest form of love was found in his only true companion… his dog (Koko). Randy finds a new lease on life and love.  As he heals from all of his wounds, he finds himself immediately bonding with Koko, like all pure and natural love does.

Randy feels a connection so deep that the only way he can express his commitment to Koko is through the bonds of matrimony. 

As time goes on, Randy decides to file a court case to be allowed to legally marry Koko and so this tale begins…

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