"It’s a time of great opportunity, where doors and minds are open to new ways of doing business or making and exploiting movies. Indeed, for independents, entrepreneurs, and foreign investors, Hollywood has never been so full of opportunity.”  



Nukkad-USA Productions, Inc. is a startup enterprise by award winning Indian director Anjani Pandey founded in 2006, with the purpose of film production of short films and feature films producing a new method of storytelling combining Hollywood level films with a Bollywood sensibility. 


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ANJANI has been directing, and producing films in his unique style since 2005 in India and USA. His films continue to win him Acclaims. He won several regional, national, international awards in writing, acting, and direction; including the World Humanitarian Award in 2015.

Anjani holds BS in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Jamshedpur, India (1988). Anjani quit his full time IT/Computer job in 2015 and now he is full time into Filmmaking.

Anjani acted, directed, and produced more than 35 short films. His films all together have been screened to over 80 film festivals. He is looking forward to perfect his artistic vision, and take his work to the next level with his first feature SAG-AFTRA film : “KOKO”.

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